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Created with the belief that movement is medicine, we believe that through movement we can improve mobility and improve stability influencing overall health and wellness.


Physical Therapists are experts in movement, qualified to examine patients and develop treatment plans to improve mobility, reduce symptoms, and prevent injury through the lens of biomechanics. They are the health care practitioners with the most specialized education to help improve motion, and return you to doing what you love. During your course of treatment, we will administer a variety of techniques that may include manual therapy, various exercise strategies, and patient education to help move you better. 


At TrueMotion Physical Therapy we believe that your experience should be one that is warm and welcoming, and that your issues are important and are incorporated into the fabric of your rehabilitation. We want you to feel from the moment you enter our doors to the time you leave, that your concerns are heard and your care is personalized. 


Personalized Physical Therapy Programs 

A cornerstone of effective physical therapy is an accurate and thorough diagnosis of the health condition and an effective treatment program. A comprehensive initial evaluation of your health condition will be conducted to see how best to proceed with your physical therapy treatment and your plan of care. We will look at the biomechanics of your movement dynamically, rather than in isolation. Your physical therapist will work with you to create your rehabilitation program based on your individual needs, goals, and lifestyle. Our programs are built off of patient feedback and progress, and will advance with you at each stage of your healing and recovery.

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