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At TrueMotion Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of physical therapy with a welcoming touch, to empower our patients, and to help people feel their very best at home, work, and during the activities that motivate them most.


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Getting You Back in the Game

Our physical Therapists are trained and experienced to deal with injuries related to sports and exercise. Since sports medicine focuses specifically on athletes, our therapists create a unique and sport-specific plan of care that correlates to each individual's sport and movement, physiology, strengths and weaknesses, and injury risk. 

Unfortunately, most athletes come to see their Physical Therapist after an injury or pain. However, one of the greatest benefits to physical therapy in sports medicine is sports injury prevention. Our Physical Therapists at TrueMotion are highly qualified to analyze muscle imbalances and weaknesses, as well as postural instability that can lead to future injuries.


Pre & Post Surgical REhab


Orthopedic surgeries such as operations on the hip, knee, shoulder, spine, ankle, and foot commonly require Physical Therapy to facilitate a speedy recovery. 

At TrueMotion, our physical therapists provide comprehensive pre- and post- operative programs, designed specifically to you and your goals, in order to optimize your outcomes following surgery. 


Blood Flow 
Restriction Training 

Personalized blood flow restriction (PBFR) training is a game-changing injury recovery therapy that is producing dramatically positive results!


PBFR has been consistently shown to expedite the healing process and can create significant strength and hypertrophy gains with loads as low as 20% 1RM. Frequently, this modality is applied to sports rehabilitation and postoperative care, to help rebuild strength and muscle mass quickly and more efficiently; but can be used across many patient populations. 

TrueMotion Physical Therapy is currently the only clinic in Clark and Cowlitz County that is a certified provider for personalized blood flow restriction training with the Delfi PTS System, one of the only Class I devices approved by the FDA for blood flow restriction training.  


At TrueMotion Physical Therapy we provide services to evaluate and cast for custom foot orthotics.

Custom foot orthotics can be used to manage foot pain as well as pain in other parts of your body. Often times, the pain you experience throughout your legs, knees, hip, and back start with improper motion in your feet, causing misalignment and even pain. Custom foot orthotics help to align your foot and ankle, aid with position and movement, increase stability, and can be a preventative step in managing pain in other parts of your body.

Each pair of custom foot orthotics is created specifically with your body and your goals in mind, providing specific support and correction, and last much longer than off-the-shelf devices.

Custom Orthotics

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Pediatric Orthopedics


Pediatric orthopedic Physical Therapy is the practice of correcting functional impairments of the musculoskeletal system in children 0-18 years old. 

Children have special considerations when it comes to recovering from an injury or an orthopedic impairment. Supplementing the developmental care of your child, by taking into account their future growth is vital in their rehabilitation.


At TrueMotion Physical Therapy we provide services for your child to help restore function, improve mobility, and relieve pain, while promoting overall health and fitness. 


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TrueMotion provides full spectrum PT, always with your goal in mind... I highly recommend TrueMotion and their PT's and staff for any type of Physical Therapy you may need! Top notch!

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I highly recommend anyone needing Physical Therapy to check them out!

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TrueMotion keeps me moving and mobile when my job depends on it... Robby and McKenna know their stuff and treat the source of the pain or discomfort, not just the obvious pain or discomfort.


TrueMotion Physical Therapy is committed to providing excellent healthcare and advocacy for your communities, and we want to reassure you that we are extremely focused and responsive in doing what’s best for our patients, clients, and staff. We are taking appropriate measures as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Washington State Department of Health. We advise that if you’re feeling unwell or are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please stay home: cough, cold or flu-like symptoms, fever and unusual muscle aches, sore throat nasal congestion, and any pneumonia-like symptoms (sweating, chills shortness of breath). 

What we are doing: 

  • If patients are feeling unwell, we encourage them to reschedule their appointment

  • Hand sanitizer is conveniently placed throughout the clinic 

  • Throughout the day and with every individual interaction, our rooms, chairs, surfaces, equipment, and other handled objects are disinfected 

  • Our front desk, waiting area, and common area are clean and disinfected throughout operating hours 

  • Our staff practices thorough hand washing procedures prior to patient contacts and after

  • A laser thermometer is available in clinic if symptom screening is required

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We’re Here When You Need Us

M-F: 9am-6pm
Saturday by Appointment

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