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& Running Analysis

At TrueMotion Physical Therapy our therapists aim to treat the whole picture of your condition, and will recommend functional exercises comprehensive to the activities limiting you most. We all depend on strength, flexibility, and mobility to perform our best. A breakdown in a functional movement pattern we routinely perform, can lead to injury. Our Physical Therapists at TrueMotion are trained experts in helping you identify poor movement patterns and prevent injury with a movement screen and biomechanical analysis. 


This all starts with a movement analysis!



A movement analysis is the performance of a task or activity that a patient is limited in, or worsens their symptoms, to gain more subjective and objective information about skilled movement patterns and how to best intervene and improve the way you move. A movement analysis identifies fundamental and functional movement patterns and the deficits of those patterns, whether it’s mobility or stability. We may also assess your biomechanics, or gait and motion, and test your strength and flexibility. A biomechanical analysis identifies faulty movements patterns that impact your risk of injury and overall performance. 



For our runner’s out there, we also provide a comprehensive running analysis of the many factors that can impact an individual's running performance. If you have pain while running, have experienced a running injury, or are training to improve your running mechanics, a running analysis may be helpful for you! 


Our therapists observe running mechanics via video analysis, to break down all views and joint angles to determine which factors are contributing to your pain or predisposing injury. We can help runners achieve the most efficient pain-free running style possible, to enhance their performance and therefore their enjoyment of running. We’ll assess how you make your initial contact, how much shock absorption is placed on your knees as you bend them, and how you toe-off. 


After reviewing the findings with your Physical Therapist, you will receive a custom exercise and intervention plan. Whether you are a competitive athlete looking for the next endurance challenge, or brand new to the sport of running, our running assessment is customized for runners of all levels. 


If you come in for running analysis, expect

• A treadmill running analysis (unless you are unable due to current injury) to examine your running biomechanics via video recording and analysis

• A discussion about your running gait, footwear considerations, level and intensity of activity, and goals. 

• A home exercise program specifically designed for your running needs, to improve strength and mobility deficits.

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