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Injury Prevention

Physical therapy isn’t only for patients after they have incurred an injury. Sometimes the best medicine is prevention!


Physical activity and sports participation is generally encouraged by all healthcare professionals as it has numerous positive effects on a person’s health. There is, however, the significant burden of sport-related musculoskeletal injury, with the greatest risk being in the youth and young adult populations. It is vital to incorporate primary injury prevention and make this a public health priority as this will have significant implications for reducing long-term consequences of musculoskeletal injuries. 


At TrueMotion, our Physical Therapists are movement specialists that can treat and prevent injuries. As a specialist in injury prevention, our Physical Therapists are trained to evaluate and examine a patient's movement during functional activities, to detect deficits in strength and flexibility, address muscle imbalances, and screen for movement impairments that can cause abnormal stresses to various structures of the body.


Injury Prevention can be addressed in a number of different ways. In the realm of injury prevention, our Physical Therapists can also: 

• Promote health, fitness, and general wellness

• Improve athletic performance

• Help reduce fall risk 

• Posture and ergonomic assessment



This typically focuses on building patient-specific strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Our Physical Therapists utilize a whole body approach to heal an individual patient’s unique orthopedic or neuromuscular condition and improve their functional capacity for daily tasks, work, and fitness/athletic activities. 



Adherence to a sport-specific training program for athletes can be extremely beneficial in preventing injuries. Another advantage in this type of program is enhancement of athletic performance. Our Physical Therapists at TrueMotion have extensive experience working with athletes of all skill levels, to improve their game, and reduce the risk for future sports-related injuries. 



Our Physical Therapists are trained to work closely with individuals who have a history of falls or feel unsteady on their feet. Working on specific balance activities and improving core strength will help to reduce the risk of falls and promote independence. 



With advancements in technology and its widespread use, many of us are frequently using computers, phones, and tablets for work and recreationally. Looking down at your phone can put up to 10 pounds of extra weight on your head and neck, which can potentially cause a multitude of orthopedic problems. Our physical therapists can help teach you how to improve your posture and how to implement these corrections into your daily life. In addition, they can help make suggestions on how to properly set up your desk for office workers and with body mechanics for people with more physically demanding jobs. 

At TrueMotion our therapists can advise you on a maintenance program to prevent overuse injuries, provide return to sport guidelines, and instruct activity modifications and recommendations to avoid compensatory patterns in your daily life, and minimize risk for injury.

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