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Welcome to TrueMotion
Your Greater Vancouver Physical Therapy Clinic

Serving Ridgefield, Vancouver, & the greater Southwest Washington Communities

TrueMotion Physical Therapy is a new privately owned outpatient orthopedic clinic, with an intimate ‘boutique’ feel, located just a short drive from Vancouver Washington. 

Supporting the Greater Ridgefield-Vancouver Community

We are proud to be part of the vibrant greater Southwest Washington community. Our convenient location off of I-5 at exit 14 allows us to service Vancouver and the surrounding Clark and southern Cowlitz County areas. Our central clinic location, in Southwest Washington, along with our mission to provide compassionate one-on-one care, allows us to provide safe, convenient, and accessible services to the greater Vancouver area and beyond. As your local experts in musculoskeletal health, it is our commitment to help our neighbors maintain healthy and active lifestyles. 

‘Boutique-style’ care to us means everyone on our team knows your name. It means receiving excellent, personalized Physical Therapy that is specialized to your goals and needs, in a small and intimate setting. It means knowing your “style”, and delivering care accordingly. We know that when you come to us with your Physical Therapy needs, you are often experiencing pain or dysfunction, so we do all we can to make your experience with us a comfortable one. 

At TrueMotion Physical Therapy, we take deliberate and attentive time with our patients, providing 60 minutes of one-on-one care from a highly skilled Doctor of Physical Therapy, and never with an aide or Physical Therapy Assistant. These sessions are individually designed and focused with the same Physical Therapist throughout your entire health journey. Due to the nature of this personalized, comfortable, and more patient-centric approach, our clinic has a more ‘boutique’ feel. This ‘boutique’ style clinic deviates from traditional Physical Therapy clinics, where we focus on engaging our patients through education and empowering them with value in their treatments. Our small, interactive environment allows us to offer quality products and services, leaving a lasting impression on each of our patients. 

‘Boutique’ Style One-on-One Care

Expert Care to Keep You in Motion

The understanding of our patient’s condition is very important to us. Our Vancouver Physical Therapy team has advanced training in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, and we offer more tools than the average Physical Therapy clinic to evaluate our patients, and provide them with treatment specific for their needs. Both of our Doctors of Physical Therapy were born and raised in the Vancouver area, and value the opportunity to serve our greater community. Additionally, our therapists are Doctoral graduates from the University of Southern California Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, which is the premier program in the nation. 


TrueMotion Physical Therapy was founded by Dr. Robby Trimbo in 2020. However, he has been treating Vancouver and the surrounding communities for over a decade. The intention that he and his team have with your experience is evident the second you walk through the doors. His assessments and treatments are rooted deeply in an understanding of the movement system. He is a firm believer in an active approach to rehabilitation and works with patients of all ability levels to achieve their maximum function. Dr. Trimbo is also a certified Lymphedema specialist, and has considerable experience treating sports, spine, knee, and general orthopedic injuries and conditions. He has extensive experience working with various sports teams, particularly soccer, which he has been involved in for over 20 years. In addition, Dr. Trimbo has a special interest in teaching and mentorship within the field of Physical Therapy, as a clinical instructor for numerous Doctorate of Physical Therapy students over the past decade. 


Our other provider with us at TrueMotion is Dr. McKenna MacKintosh. She believes in a holistic approach- integrating manual therapy techniques, functional movement training, science-based exercise, and healthy mindset education to guide her patients back to their goals and activities that motivate them most. She enjoys playing an integral role in your healing process, and is just as committed as you are when it comes to helping you achieve the results you want, while ensuring that you enjoy the process along the way. Dr. MacKintosh enjoys treating sports and orthopedic injuries, including pediatric orthopedics, and working with patients and their families in order to enhance their potential. She strives to create an alliance with her patients by putting their goals and values at the forefront of their treatment, and is passionate about empowering patients through education about their condition. She emphasizes the importance of consistent and steady training to best achieve her patients long term goals and success. With every person who walks through our doors, we do our part to gain a deep understanding of the whole person, and help you to define and achieve your short term and long-term functional goals. This allows us to cater to every type of individual and has enabled us to achieve extraordinary results with patients of various ages, skill levels, and sports specializations.

Our Clinic- Designed to Help You Reach Your Goals 

Our Vancouver area clinic is designed to empower every patient to reach their full potential, incorporating private treatment spaces as well as our dedicated gym exercise area. Our clinic is equipped with a Rogue rack system, that allows versatile outfitting for all clients; from the person starting out on their health journey, to collegiate and professional athletes. Additionally, we have innovative technology including blood flow restriction, and a kBox flywheel system, that can pair in conjunction with other interventions to effectively match each patient at their varied requirements, while being specific for their goals. 


We utilize the PTS Personalized Tourniquet System for our Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation (PBFR), manufactured by Delfi Medical Innovations, Inc, a world leader in tourniquet technology and safety. This PTS device for BPFR is designed specifically to regulate and control tourniquet pressure for PBFR applications and includes advanced personalization and safety features. Our Physical therapists are currently the only Owens Recovery Science certified providers in the greater Vancouver area, undergoing extensive education and training for use of PTS equipment for rehabilitation. 


Our kBox flywheel system offers smooth resistance throughout an exercise, strengthening a muscle over the whole range of motion, which can easily be adjusted and modified; as well as enabling the training of significant eccentric loads during all exercises and in different movement planes. With the kBox, you work against variable inertia of steel flywheels, instead of lifting weights traditionally against gravity. This allows for controlled application of eccentric overload in regular training as well as its variable resistance, both backed by growing scientific support. Additionally, practical benefits for multi-purpose training versatility allows our Physical Therapists to serve patients with a wide range of physical conditions, performance levels, and mobility.

Movement-based Treatment Inspired by What You Love

At TrueMotion Physical Therapy we offer you a focused and effective treatment plan to get you feeling better, moving better, and returning you back to the things you love. We are committed to providing higher standards of care and exceptional service. Our goal is a stronger, healthier, pain free, injury free and balanced you! Your goals and interests matter to us. Whether you desire to return to sports, running, cycling, your gym routine, you want to walk about the grocery store without restriction, or simply want to prevent future injuries, we will work with you specifically and intentionally with these objectives in mind to achieve your goals. Our therapists do not abide by pitfalls of traditional Physical Therapy treatments, and do not utilize short-sighted gym machinery that doesn't offer direct translation to your goals and activities. We believe that movement is the best medicine, and are motivated by what motivates you most. Our treatment of musculoskeletal injuries is always approached from the basis of basic functional movements, progressing up to activity specific movements and intensity. For example, if your passion is golf, and your physical therapy goals are to return to performing 18 holes with a pain-free swing, your therapist will start from the foundation up. Meaning we will meet you at your current functional level, to achieve proper biomechanics and body movements, to create a customized golf strengthening and flexibility program to get you back on the green.


Our Physical Therapists have particular expertise in treating: 

• Muscle Injury/Weakness & Imbalances

• Overuse Injuries

• Sports-related Injuries

• Headaches

• Post-operative Surgeries

• Pediatric Orthopedics

• Injury prevention & Performance Enhancement 

• Spine Pain/Injuries 

• Knee Pain 

• Shoulder Pain 

• Poor posture 

Looking for physical therapy, but you still have questions about TrueMotion? We offer free 30-minute consultations, to make sure we are the right fit for you and your goals! Allow us to listen to your story, answer your questions regarding your pain or injury, and provide suggestions or recommendations for further care, if appropriate. Scheduling a complimentary consultation with our therapists is the first step to determining your ailment, and the right treatment to get you on the road to recovery. 


Click here to learn more about injuries and conditions we treat. 

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Let us Move You!

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